SUPER CUBES 5 $800 / €780

The Super Cubes 5 are a professional, active, one-way near-field monitor,
developed for ultra-accurate monitoring applications, using
amplitude-frequency linearization technology proprietary to DMAX Audio.

The speakers incorporate a single 5-inch aluminium diffuser that exhibits
extremely low harmonic distortion across the full frequency range.
This specific transducer was selected as superior to others after rigorous
testing of different sizes and materials. Frequency-phase correction
technology provided by the included 2U, stereo amplifier's DSP allows
a frequency response measuring +/- 2dB across the entire frequency range,
and close to zero phase shift.

This combination of aluminium diffuser and frequency/phase correction
allows superb reproduction of musical transients - the "sharp" sounds
produced by drums, piano, and even the human voice - giving music
a great sense of realism. Music is thus presented as the artist intended.

The SC5s boast a detailed and uncolored sound that can be likened
to electrostatic headphones, allowing us to look into the music, coupled
with spatial localizationthat has to be heard to be believed.

Solid oak cabinetry minimizes resonances while providing a professional
look for the studio, or contemporary aesthetic for the lounge.


Below you will find typical results for amplitude-frequency, minimum phase,
THD and impulse response. (The amplitude-frequency response is shown
without smoothing in a 10db window.)

Amplitude response Minimal phase response THD Impulse response


The loudspeaker enclosures are made of 18mm solid oak,
edged in sapele and coated with natural oil.

The package includes:
two Super Cubes 5 speakers,
a 2U rack-mount DSP-amplifier,
two 3m (10ft) long speaker cables.

Driver Diameter:13cm /5"/
Frequency Response:50Hz-20kHz @ +/-2dB
Maximum SPL:95db per pair @ 1m
Recommended Distance to Listener:0.8-1,4m /2ft8in-4ft8in/
Amp Power RMS:2x50W @ 8Ohms
Speaker Dimensions:20x20x20cm /7.8x7.8x7.8in/
Amplifier Dimensions: Height:2U; Depth: 20cm /7.8in/
Weight3.6kg /8lbs/ per speaker
Input Connectors:XLR
Outputs & Speaker Connectors:SpeakOn