DEQ Type A

Is a linear-phase mastering quality 10-bands graphic stereo EQ based on phase shifts. It has unique sharp sound especially at low frequencies.
DEQ perfectly retains drums and percussions transients. It is ideal
for complex audio signal equalization.



Is a brickwall loudness maximizer based on superfast gain reduction.
It treats the sound very gently. There are several working modes with different modulation waveforms which allow to retain more original
low frequencies in the mix. It is optimized for heavy limiting
of hard music (up to -8/-7db total RMS).



Is entirely new-type peak limiter. It is based on the unique proprietary algorithm and can be used as a loudness maximizer of a complex
signal with drums or percussions. For processing the signal DMAX
does not use gain reduction therefore it fully retains stereo
imaging and original drum transients. It yields completely
different sound, unlike usual maximizers.



Is a stereo enhancer based on the S-channel equalization. It is intended
for changing of the stereo imaging of the mix. ULF-adding feature
allows to make additional stereo effect.